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Celebrities and Gossip / Taylor Swift Purchases Porn Sites:
« Last post by Sandra on April 17, 2021, 01:23:32 PM »

Taylor Swift Purchases Many Porn Sites:

The global superstar just bought up a series of X-rated domain names that use her moniker (examples: and before anyone else out there could get his dirty hands on the dirty URLs.

The strategic maneuver by Swift is what many refer to as "domain squatting,” which is a practice that often goes in the opposite direction:

An individual will purchase a domain name in anticipation of it eventually being desired by a celebrity or a company.

This celebrity or company will then pay a lot of money to use the domain name for business/professional purposes.

Swift, however, is just looking to protect her image. She does not want her good name sullied by an association with the world of pornography. The sites she bought will now sit there, unused, forever and ever.

Taylor is often thinking outside the box when it comes to her profession. For instance, the singer recently insured her legs for $40 million.
Celebrities and Gossip / Robert De Niro
« Last post by Sandra on April 17, 2021, 01:11:14 PM »

Robert De Niro's lawyer says the 77-year-old's bitter divorce from Grace Hightower is forcing him to take ANY role to fund her 'thirst for Stella McCartney clothes' and claims she is spending $215K on credit cards every MONTH

    Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower were married in 1997, split in 1999, then got back together, renewed their vows in 2004 before he filed for divorce in 2018
    De Niro claims that he is running out of money and having not worked because of the coronarvirus pandemic which shut down Hollywood productions
    De Niro's last big flick, The Irishman, in 2019 earned him $5 million
    But his lawyer claims Hightower spends $215,000 a month
    On one occasion she  is said to have spent $1.2 million on a diamond
    But Hightower also claims De Niro spends freely and charters $50,000 jets for weekends in Florida and $1 million on his children in 2019 and 2020

Celebrities and Gossip / Nicolas Cage, 57, ties the knot for the fifth time:
« Last post by Sandra on April 17, 2021, 12:51:51 PM »
 Star marries Riko Shibate, 26, in a 'very small and intimate' ceremony at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

    The Oscar-winning actor married Shibata in an intimate wedding at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Sin City back on February 16, can exclusively reveal
    Cage confirmed the wedding Friday saying: 'It’s true, and we are very happy'
    The bride wore a black handmade Japanese Bridal Kimono from Kyoto that required three layers
    Cage wore a black Tom Ford Tuxedo complete with a yellow rose buttonhole to match Riko's bouquet
    The couple, who met in Japan over a year ago, exchanged traditional Catholic and Shinto vows with poetry from Walt Whitman and Haiku sprinkled in
    They were joined for a small celebration after attended by Nicolas’ third wife Alice Kim and their son Kal
    A state of Nevada marriage certificate shows Riko has taken Cage's name and is now known as Riko Cage
    She is 30 years younger than Cage and four years younger than his first son Weston Cage.
    The wedding came less than two years since Cage notoriously asked for an annulment four days after his fourth marriage to Erika Koike on March 23, 2019

    The notoriously wild-living star has had a rollercoaster love life - he married first wife Patricia Arquette in April 1995, then Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim
The TV Room / Re: Line Of Duty
« Last post by Sandra on April 17, 2021, 12:27:08 PM »
The cliffhanger last Sunday night gripped millions of viewers, making it TV's most watched drama this year, and launched thousands of conspiracy theories. 
Soon, we will find out who Acting Detective Superintendent Joanne Davidson is related to in Line Of Duty. But with a labyrinth of characters in the police corruption hit, it is easy to get lost.
The Reading Room / Sleepover with my Cousin
« Last post by Sandra on April 16, 2021, 02:32:44 PM »

Sleepover with my Cousin

Growing up, my family had really close family friends. When anyone would ask, we would just say we are related.

They had a girl my aged, and she was basically my birth-given best friend. We grew up together, and spend every weekend sleeping over at each other's place.

As we got older, our sleep overs got more and more exciting.

From sneaking out to go to parties, to stealing our parent's alcohol and drinking all night, we had a fair share of good times.

By the time we were 18, we were both exploring with our sexualities, I came out as bi and she was still figuring it out.

One night, I came over to her house, and we were both planning to sneak out and smoke some weed I had bought from some guy at school. We left at around 1 am and smoked until we were both pretty high, then headed back home.

It was midsummer, so while it was night, it was still hot. she was wearing a white tube top and shorts with nothing else, and I could see her beautiful tits through the white shirt.

I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help it. I started to think about the fun we could have and I got sooo wet.

We finally got back and we decide to change into something comfy and just hang. we never left the room while changing, but always just turned around. this time I didn't.

I didn't care if she saw, either. I was so horny that I wanted to see her. she turns around and takes off her shorts, exposing her round ass. She then takes off her shirt, but turns around to find something to wear. that's when she sees me watching.

"Like what you see, huh?" she jokes. I was so taken back that she didn't freak.

"Yes, actually. why don't you come here so I can have a closer look", I kinda joke back.

To my surprise, she does, and goes to take off my top. I grab a handful of her titty and start sucking. she moans so softly, but it was so sexy. once we are both naked, we move to her bed and start making out.

She slowly moves her hand down my body, from my face, to my tits, to my pussy, which is now soaking. She rubs my clit slowly but with firm pressure, and I moan with pleasure.

She pulls away and takes her finger, dripping in my juices, and licks them clean. that turns me on so much and I beg her to make me cum. she goes down on me, not wasting any time and eats me out, making me cum more times than I can count.

We end up having sex all night, and fall asleep naked, each other's arms. we wake up around noon, got ready, and go out to smoke again.

We both flirt all morning, making each other so horny. We go to a friend's house and smoke and chill for a while, then head back home to finally be alone again.

Our nights of sneaking out and partying have turned to staying in and fucking, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
The Movie Theater / JAMES BOND is getting a new actor in the next 007 movie
« Last post by Sandra on April 15, 2021, 01:01:59 PM »
James Bond:
Regé-Jean Page on 007 casting after quitting Bridgerton

JAMES BOND is getting a new actor in the next 007 movie and Regé-Jean Page has been the favourite ever since his appearance on Netflix show Bridgerton.

Following news the star dropped out of the series, Page has spoken out on becoming Bond.

The Reading Room / Re: The Pink Hotel
« Last post by Joy on April 14, 2021, 08:31:43 PM »
There a few around the would but I dont know if there is one in Venice Beach

Maybe you should go for a bike ride.

I'll do that Sandra.
The Reading Room / Re: The sleep-over party
« Last post by Joy on April 14, 2021, 08:27:31 PM »
HOT! I'm going to read it again before bed tonight.
The Reading Room / The sleep-over party
« Last post by Sandra on April 14, 2021, 05:57:18 PM »
The sleep-over party had been going less than an hour, and my little
sister was already completely naked.

It had been like this since the first sleepover I had hosted, near the
beginning of the school year.  Kelly had hosted one, and then Marjorie
and then me.  Kelly had a little brother who wanted nothing to do with a
bunch of fifteen-year-old girls, and Marjorie had an older sister who
stayed out at a party.  So, at both of those parties we were left to our
own devices.  But me, I had a little sister and Mom laid down the law.

"Nicky, you have to let Teeny join you," Mom said.  My little sister's
name was Tina, but we had called her Teeny forever.  "You know how upset
she'd be if she thought she were excluded.  Either Teeny joins you, or
your friends can't come over."

And so, Teeny joined us.  In addition to my sister and I there were four
other girls, the aforementioned Kelly and Marjorie, and also Monica and
LuLu.  We older girls were all fifteen and in the first year of high
school.  Teeny was 13 and would not hit high school for two more years.

At the first two sleepovers it was exactly what you'd expect.  We ate
pizza, and talked about boys, and watched a soppy romantic movie which
made us all cry.  Later we played a little truth or dare.  At Marjorie's,
the second sleepover, things got a little bolder.  The dares became
naughty.  Kelly showed us her boobs - she's got bigger boobs than anyone
else in our grade - and LuLu and I made out for a while.  It was hot.  I
think things might have gone even further if Marjorie's Mom hadn't come
in and interrupted us.  She didn't catch us naked or kissing but it was
close, and the scare made us call an end to the game.

At my place, the girls seemed eager to get back to it.  The ice in our
sodas hadn't even melted when Marjorie asked, "Are we doing Truth or
Dare?  I want to see Kelly's tits again."  The girls all giggled.  I shot
a nervous glance at Teeny, who had perked right up at the word 'tits'.

"What?  Are you guys getting naked?  Can I play?"

The other girls burst out laughing.  I was kind of shocked.  "Do you want
to get naked, Teeny?" asked Marjorie.  "Well, you go right ahead."

Here's the thing about Teeny... she actually loves being nude, or nearly
nude.  She's constantly parading around the house in just her underwear,
or in a towel from the shower.  She also thinks nothing of walking in on
me or Mom when we're changing, or showering, or even sitting on the
toilet for god's sake.  I used to freak out on her, but Mom gave me a
little speech about letting a young girl be comfortable in her own skin,
and `exploring sexuality' and all that.  I'm kind of used to it all

I half expected Teeny to start undressing right away, but she showed a
little restraint.  "No, I want to play the game!  I've played truth or
dare with my friends before, but no one gets naked."

Monica chimed in, "Sure, let's play.  Who wants to start?"  We all
shifted around a bit, so we were kind of in a circle.

We were in the basement of my house.  My room isn't really big enough
for six girls, so we were camped out in the rec-room downstairs.  It's
nice enough, and our big-screen TV is in that room.  We pushed the couch
back against the wall and moved the armchair so the middle of the floor
was clear.  We all brought sleeping bags and spread them out in front of
the TV.  We were all sitting on the floor.

By this time, we were all in our pajamas.  Marjorie and I were wearing
actual pajamas, tops and bottoms.  Kelly was in a little crop top which
showed off a bit of underboob, god she had great tits, and yoga pants.
Teeny was in a sort of night-gown, really just an extra long t-shirt.
Now that I was thinking of our naughty game, I realized that the soft
cotton material draped over her body quite closely, and you could see the
little curves of her thighs, and her ass... her little thirteen-year-old
ass was quite curvy... Damn!  She's my little sister.

LuLu, whose name was actually Lucinda but she hated it, and Monica were
in just a t-shirt and panties.  To be honest, I had been stealing glances
at them in their tight undies all evening.  Monica had some pretty pink
cotton panties, but LuLu was wearing, well, lingerie.  Lacy little black
panties with see-through bits.  She looked really sexy.

"I'll start," LuLu offered.  She turned to Kelly, who was sitting next
to her.  "Go ahead, Kelly.  Ask me."

"Okay," Kelly smiled.  "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," LuLu answered.

"Alright," Kelly pondered.  "After last week, when you made out with

"What?!" Teeny exclaimed.

"Never mind," I answered.

"They really did, Teeny," responded Marjorie anyway.  "It was so

"Yeah, hot!" said my little sister.  "Do it again, I want to see!"

"Perv," I said, and chucked a pillow at her.

"C'mon Kelly, ask the question," LuLu prompted.

"Well," Kelly continued, "after you two made out... did you think about
Nicky while you masturbated?"

Shocked laughter from everyone.  I felt my face flush, I must have been
bright red.  LuLu gasped and held her hands over her face.  Damn she's
cute.  She's of mixed American and Japanese heritage, and with her hands
over her face and her eyes so wide from surprise she looked just like
some little anime sexpot.  "Kelly!  Oh. My. God!"

"C'mon, you chose truth, you have to answer," Kelly reminded her.

There was a long pause, and then without removing her hands from her
face, LuLu whispered, "yes."

More laughter.  I just kind of sat there in shocked silence.  Marjorie,
already seated on the floor, fell over sideways laughing.  I thought she
might pee herself.  Kelly exclaimed "I knew it!" and high-fived
Monica.  LuLu was laughing, too, but she was clearly embarrassed and
there were even some tears in her eyes.  To my surprise, Teeny crawled
over to her and gave her a hug.  "It's okay, LuLu.  It's all natural.
Everybody does it."

"Oh really, Squirt?" Monica asked, "you do it?"

Teeny didn't hesitate, "Sure.  It feels great, and Mom says it's
private but not shameful, and I shouldn't tell people about it, but I
shouldn't feel bad."

"You're telling us about it," I pointed out.

"You guys are the ones who started this."  She had a point.

"Perv," I called her again.  She stuck her tongue out at me.

Monica called us to order, "Okay LuLu now you ask the next person.

Marjorie was just calming down from her laughter.  "I'm not gonna top

Lulu asked her, "Truth or Dare?"

"Fuck, I dunno... dare, I guess."

"Okay," LuLu seemed to be considering her options, "Show us your
butt."  There was a little pause.  "Your naked butt."

Kelly, Monica and I were all laughing again.  Teeny had a shocked look
around a big grin.  LuLu was looking sternly at Marjorie, as if demanding

"We're not wasting any time tonight, huh?  Okay."  Marjorie stood up
and pulled the drawstring open on her PJ bottoms.  She hooked her thumbs
in the waistband by her hips, gave a big grin and started humming that
old stripper music, the song with all the horns in it.  She started
swaying her hips from side to side and slowly lowered her PJ bottoms.  It
was cute and funny, but I had been ogling all my girlfriends for a few
hours now, and I was in a perfect mood for finding it sexy as hell, too.

When the bottoms were all the way down, she turned so her back was
towards us, and held the waistband of her panties.  Pure white cotton
school-girl panties.  Nice.  She looked over her shoulder and asked,

"Yes!  Do it!" we all shouted.  Teeny's shout was extra eager, I

"Don't blink!" Marjorie shouted, before giving her panties a yank
down, and then back up again, lightning quick.

"Boo!  No way!  No fair!"  We were laughing again, but there was no way
we were letting her get away with that.  "C'mon Marjorie!" I
complained, "do it properly!"

"Hey," she said, acting casual, "no one said how long I had to show my
butt for."

"Kelly had her top off for ages last time," LuLu pointed out.  "And me
and Nicky kissed for what, two minutes?  Three?"

"At least," I agreed.

"Awesome," said Teeny.

"Okay, how about this then," Marjorie said.  "I'll keep my butt
showing long enough for... who's next, anyway... Nicky.  Nicky, I'll keep
my butt naked long enough for you to kiss it.  Dare."

"What?  You don't get to do that.  What If I didn't want a dare?"

"Alright then Truth.  Is it true you want to kiss my butt?"  Even I
laughed at that.

Teeny couldn't contain herself.  "C'mon Nicky, do it!  It's so

In the midst of all this, I was looking at Teeny in a new light.  She was
just changing from a cute little girl into a pretty young woman.
Thirteen seemed ages ago to me, and I didn't remember being as excited
about sex as Teeny was right now, but then I was never in a room full of
half-naked hotties talking about making out and kissing butts, either.

I looked at Marjorie,  "Alright, you're on."

"Oh shit!  Here we go!"  Monica was clearly as excited about this as

"Yes!  I knew it, you slut!" Marjorie teased me.  "Okay, come here."

She got back into position with her back to us and her hands on her waist
band.  I knelt behind her, my face level with her ass.  Her beautiful,
white-panty schoolgirl ass.  Suddenly my stomach was fluttering, and I
was nervous.  What should I do?  A quick peck and laugh?  That would be
easiest, but was it what I wanted to do... ?

"Alright, Nicky... KISS MY ASS!"  And with that, Marjorie pulled her
panties down, properly this time, right down to her knees, and she bent a
bit at the waist so that her ass thrust out, towards my face.

God, she had a nice ass.  I'd stolen peeks at school, in the girls'
locker rooms and in the swimming pool.  I'd stolen peeks at pretty much
all the girls.  But here was Marjorie's beautiful teenage ass right in
front of my face.  It was round and perky, and her skin was clear and
smooth.  Her ass even smelled good.  How can an ass smell good?  It was

I placed my hands on her hips and leaned in close.  I decided to go for
it.  I started with a light peck on her left butt cheek, and then I stuck
out my tongue, and dragged a long lick right across her entire ass,
covering both cheeks before planting a big, sloppy wet kiss on her right
cheek.  The room had gone silent, and figured I'd press my luck.  I
brought my hands around from her hips and grabbed her ass, one hand per
cheek.  I squeezed and massaged for a moment before laying my head on her
ass like it was a pillow.  "There, a kiss goodnight for your pretty
patootie,"  I said in a little-girly voice.

The girls hooted a bit, and laughed some more, and there was a small
round of applause.  Marjorie pulled her panties back up and turned and
sat down, right close to me.  "Wow, Nicky, that was great.  I didn't
think you'd go for it like that."  She was leaning in close to me,
smiling and flushed.  She was turned on, and so was I.  I threw caution
to the wind.

"Oh, I can go for it," I said, and leaned in and kissed her on the
lips.  It was sudden, but it was soft, and she didn't pull away.  I
could hear the hoots and laughter of our friends, but I focused on
Marjorie.  I tried to massage her lips with mine.  I held a long kiss for
a while, and then broke into a series of small soft pecks.  When I held
another long kiss, I felt her lips start to part.  I followed suit, and
soon our tongues were intertwined.  Our arms wrapped around each other
and we began making out in earnest.  My eyes were closed but I could hear
the other girls shuffling in close to watch, and I think I heard Teeny
let out a soft moan.

After a moment or two we broke apart and looked around.  The other girls
were all watching us intently, clearly aroused by the show.  I was going
to try to laugh it off, but Marjorie spoke first.  "Well, sluts, what
are you waiting for?"

There was a moment of shocked silence, and then LuLu turned to Kelly.
"Come here," and she wrapped her arms around her friend and started
kissing her passionately.  Kelly froze for a moment, but then kind of
melted into LuLu's embrace.

I looked at Monica and at my little sister.  There was a sort of awkward
silence and I started to speak, "Teeny, you don't have to do

"Kiss me Monica!" the thirteen-year-old exclaimed and threw her arms
around the older girl.  Monica had sort of only watched at our other
parties, and I'm not sure if she had ever really kissed anyone before,
but she kind of shrugged and started making out with Teeny with gusto.

I watched for a moment.  I was already turned on, but something about
watching my sister lez out with my friend had my teenage pussy dripping.
God it was hot.  Her long t-shirt was riding up to her thighs, and I
could see her butt tense and relax as she ground against Monica's leg.
Monica was laid out on her back, and Teeny was on top, grinding and
groping without ever letting her lips leave Monica's.  It was hot, and I
was a bit jealous...

Marjorie brought me back around.  She grabbed my chin, turned my face
back to hers, and we resumed our make-out session.

The room was filled with the moans and groans of teenage girls in heat.
Marjorie and I stripped to our underwear and fondled each other while we
kissed.  LuLu got Kelly's top off and was starting to kiss down the
other girl's neck, making her way to those beautiful boobs.

Suddenly, a surprised "Oh!" got everyone's attention.  I looked over
to Monica and Teeny.

Monica had sat up and separated a bit from the younger girl.  "What?" I
asked.  "What happened?"

"No, it's fine I just..." Monica trailed off.

"Monica, I'm sorry, I thought..."  Teeny trailed off too.

"What?" I asked again, "what happened?  Are you okay?"

Teeny looked like she might start crying, "I'm sorry Nicky!  I thought
that's what you did!  You know, for sex!  I thought that's how..."  She
threw herself at me and hugged me.  It was then that I really realized
she was almost naked.  Her long t-shirt gown was off, and she doesn't
often wear bras yet, having almost no tits.  She was just in a little
pair of powder-blue panties with lacy frills.  I was down to just panties
and bra, my satin red ones, the only `sexy' stuff Mom has ever let me
buy.  Now our nearly naked bodies were pressed together, and I was
already soaking wet.

Monica collected herself and spoke.  "She's fine, we're fine.  It
just... it surprised me is all."  Monica's t-shirt was pushed up over
her bra, and one bra cup had been pulled down.  Her boob, not as big as
Kelly's but still very nice, was exposed.  Monica was black, and her
dark-brown nipple was hard as a rock.  Had my little sister been sucking
her tit?  "She... we were kissing, and then all of a sudden she slid
down.  She kissed my thighs and then, she... she started to pull my
panties aside..."

I looked at Monica's crotch.  Those pink cotton panties were soaked; you
could see the dark areas where her pussy juices seeped through.

Teeny gave a little sob.  "That's what happens, isn't it?  Lezzy
girls, they lick each other down there?  I just thought..."

Marjorie let out a little guffaw.  "Were you going to lick Monica's
pussy?  Nicky, you were right, your sister is a little perv."

"Shut up Marjorie!"  I could tell Teeny was really upset.  "No, Teeny,
you're right.  That is what lezzy girls... I mean girls... women do when
they have sex.  They... they lick pussy.  You're right."  She looked up
at me, desperately embarrassed.  "I just think... maybe Monica wasn't ...
wasn't expecting..."

"Yeah, Teeny.  I was just surprised, like I said.  It's fine."

"This is pretty new to us, too, Teeny.  We're probably not ready to
go... uh, to go all the way..."

"I am."  We all turned to look at LuLu.  "I'm ready.  Jesus, I was so
turned on when you and I made out, Nicky.  It's been all I could think
about since.  And now tonight, with Kelly, it's been amazing."  She
paused and took a deep breath.  "I am so turned on right now I could
explode, and if your little sister wants to eat some pussy..."  Her
t-shirt was already off, showing a black lacy bra that matched her sexy
panties.  She stood up, and whipped her panties off in a flash, showing
us all a smooth tan vagina.  "My pussy is right here."

"Oh..."  I hesitated.  The thought of watching my sister tongue that
perfect pussy had me soaking my panties all over again.  But Teeny was
only thirteen.  "I don't think she'd..."  but I got cut off.

"I'll do it."  Teeny declared, still with her face toward me.  She was
telling LuLu, but she was looking at me, as if asking my permission.  "I
want to.  I really want to do that with... with someone... and LuLu is so
beautiful... you're all so beautiful and sexy... I'll do it."

"Hell yeah!" declared Marjorie.

"Teeny, are you sure?  You don't ..." but Teeny wasn't shy anymore.

"Nicky, I know you're looking out for me, but I'm turned on too.  God
it's awful being thirteen and horny.  I wanna do so much, but my friends
are all scared.  I told you I tried to play Truth or Dare with them?
They were too chicken to do anything.  I'm so happy I'm here, and I'm
so glad I didn't ruin things, and Yes!  I want to eat LuLu's pussy!"

There was some shocked laughter at that, and Marjorie and Kelly both gave
a little golf-clap applause.  Teeny gave me a little peck on the cheek,
it was so tender it almost made me cry.  Then she untangled herself from
our hug and crawled over to LuLu.  "Do you want to lie down, LuLu?"

LuLu was still standing, looking kind of frozen now that it was all
really happening.  "Oh, uh... uh, yeah.  Sure, right."  She laid down on
her sleeping bag and propped herself up on her elbows.  He legs were bent
at the knee, and she let them fall to the sides exposing her vagina.  It
was bald and glistened with her juices.  God, I wanted to eat it myself.

Teeny crawled over on top of her, her ass wiggling in those frilly blue
panties.  All of a sudden, it was like she knew exactly what she was
going to do.  She laid down on top of LuLu, and kissed her, long and slow
on her mouth.  A beautiful French kiss.  LuLu's arms wrapped around the
smaller girl and held her tight.  "You're so pretty, LuLu.  And Sexy.
I'm so happy to do this."  And she slid back down LuLu's sleek, sweaty

"Oh my god."  Marjorie whispered, and crawled around beside them to get
a better look.  Slowly, we all gathered around, just as LuLu gave a big
gasp of pleasure.

I squeezed in close between Kelly and Monica, and I could see Teeny
getting to work.  She was just kissing, right now.  Kissing all around
LuLu's sweet pussy.  Teeny planted little pecks and longer, harder
kisses on the insides of LuLu's thighs, and all around her mound, and
right on her cunt lips.  Gradually, her kisses included her tongue,
adding light licks, then harder.  Before our eyes, LuLu's pussy began to
open up, he lips to spread.  We could see the glistening pink inside.
Teeny started long slow licks along that delightful crack, pausing near
the top to pay particular attention to the hooded clit.  Teeny's hands
came up and snaked under LuLu's hips.  The younger girl grabbed the
older girl's ass and used the leverage to apply more pressure, to really
work that pussy, that clit.  Her head bobbed back and forth now, licking
the length of the slit back and forth.  Then she would pause and suck
that clit.  It was engorged now, peaking out of it's hood, bright pink
and perfect.

Teeny switched tactics.  She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go,
and began thrusting right into LuLu's sopping hole.  LuLu's hips bucked
and she was moaning "fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes" over and over
again.  Teeny was working hard, sucking, licking thrusting.  At last she
brought her right hand around and sucked her own index finger, drooling
saliva all over it.

"Holy shit", Monica said next to me.  She had one hand in her own
panties now, rubbing her own pussy for all she was worth as she watched
the live sex show in front of her.  I turned to see if Kelly was also
fingering herself, and in that same moment she grabbed the back of my
neck and pulled me in for a hard, urgent kiss.

"God, Nicky, your little sister is hot as fuck.  You're hot.  God it's
all so fucking hot!"  Kelly's top was off now and her tits were out.
She was mauling one tit and had her other hand inside her panties,
working her cunt for all it was worth.

My hand went down to my pussy, inside my red satin panties, and I started
rubbing my clit.  I was as turned on as I'd ever been.

In front of us, Teeny was working that wet finger into LuLu's cunt.
LuLu writhed and bucked, and moaned again "Yes, fuck me!  Please fuck
me!"  Her eyes went wide as Teeny's finger penetrated her and she
grunted a deep, low sound of ecstasy.  Teeny kept her mouth clamped over
LuLu's clit and her finger wiggling inside LuLu's pussy as LuLu reached
one hand forward, cupped the back of the little girl's head and pushed
Teeny's face right into her cunt.  A huge "AAAAAAGH" scream and she
came, hard, squirting a bit at a surprised Teeny.

Around the two, everyone else was cumming, too.  Marjorie, still wearing
her bra but with her panties tossed aside and two fingers in her pussy
squirted cum all over her sleeping bag.  Kelly and I both came in our
panties.  Monica leaned across me and clamped her mouth over one of
Kelly's tits as she orgasmed.  Everyone collapsed and lay silent for a

Teeny crawled back up LuLu, and kissed her softly on the mouth.  The
young girl's face was covered in the older girl's juices, but LuLu
didn't seem to mind at all.  "God, Teeny, that was... I mean... where the
fuck did you learn that?"  We all laughed.  Teeny blamed internet porn,
of course.  She must watch a hell of a lot more of it then I do.  Wow.

After that, we were all kind of done for the night.  We chatted for a
while, mostly about how fucking hot that had been.  Teeny made the
rounds, kissing every girl.  Everyone kind of kissed everyone for a
while, and groped each other.  I finally got to feel Kelly's awesome
tits, and Monica's amazing butt.  Marjorie sucked my toes for a bit, so
I called her a perv, which made Teeny laugh.

And then we drifted off to sleep.  Teeny had her own sleeping bag, but
she curled up in my arms, and gave me a long, very un-sisterly kiss
goodnight.  "I love you, Nicky."

"Love you too, Teeny."  And we faded out.

When I awoke, not more than a couple hours later, Teeny was sucking my

"Teeny!" I whispered at her.  "What the fuck?"

"Shh, Nicky.  Don't wake the others.  God I'm all horny again.  I've
been lying here dreaming about pussy.  Here, I'm soaked, see?"  She
stuck two fingers right in my mouth, before I could stop her.  Clearly
she'd been fingering herself, and I could taste her pussy.  I could
taste my little sister's pussy.

"Teeny, we can't.  You're my sister... jesus , we shouldn't..."

"Shh... it'll be great.  I love you Nicky."  And she slid down my body,
inside the sleeping bag.  She  moved her hands along my body until she
found my panties, but she didn't pull them down, she just pulled the
gusset aside.  I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, and then her
lips, and then her tongue...

"Oh, god, Teeny..."

"Shh..." she whispered again and got back to work.  I was wet all over
again, and my hips began to gyrate against her, grinding my cunt against
my little sister's face.  She was working my clit, and then thrusting
with her tongue.  This was not going to take long... I was really close...

Suddenly, I felt her finger at my cunthole.  Oh my god, this was going to
be it... she thrust the finger inside me, not soft and delicate like she
had been with LuLu, but hard.  She started moving it in and out, fucking
me.  My little sister was fucking me.  Like LuLu had before me I held her
head and pushed her into face me.  "Yes, Teeny, yes, do it... fuck me,
Teeny, Teeny I Love you, Teeny I LOVE YOU!"

My orgasm hit like a ton of bricks.  My body shook.  Every muscle seemed
to tense.  My mouth opened like a scream, but I made only a low, long,
moaning sound.  My eyes rolled back in my head.  I may have passed out.

The next thing I knew, Teeny was lying next to me again, kissing me,
holding me.  "Did you like that?"  She smiled at me.

"That.  Was.  Amazing.  God Teeny, that was so hot."

And around us, we heard the other girls respond.  "Yes it was.  So hot.
Two hot sisters.  Holy fuck."

And then we were all awake and laughing again.  You'd think I'd be
embarrassed about having sex with my own sister, but everyone was totally
cool about it.  They just accepted that we loved each other.  Also, I
think they all wanted a turn with Teeny...

So that's how our sleepover parties go now.  We had another one a couple
weeks later, at our house again, and this time, Mom didn't have to order
me to let Teeny join in.

That time, Teeny had a go on the other girls.  Marjorie, Monica, and
Kelly all got licked to within an inch of their lives.  Our basement
positively reeked of teenage girl pussy juice.  I had no idea how my Mom
didn't hear the moans and even screams of orgasming girls just one floor
below her.

As before, we other girls did a lot of kissing and fondling, but Teeny
was the only one who actually ate pussy.  She was clearly the boldest of
us.  She was naked almost as soon as we finished eating pizza, and we all
got our first look at her little cunt.  No hair, of course.  Even I
hardly had any.  LuLu shaves, I think.  Monica has a neatly trimmed
short-hair bush.  Kelly is a fair-haired blond, and her pussy hair is
barely visible, but it's there.  Marjorie has a bush.  Like a dark
brown, fully grown bush.  Teeny said it tickled her face when she was
down there.  But Teeny's vagina is smooth, and tiny, still very much
like a little girl's.

When all the girls had had their fun and we were lying around naked, I
turned to Teeny.  "You know, there's one girl who wasn't had her pussy
eaten yet, Teeny."

"What?  No... I did everyone.  Oh!  You mean, just tonight?"  She turned
to LuLu, "Do you want me to ..."

"No, Teeny."  I interrupted her.  "I mean you."

Her eyes went wide.  She stared at me for a moment.  She spoke in a
barely audible whisper.  "But... but who would... I mean ... who...?"  And
trailed off.

"Come here, baby."  I opened my arms, and she moved into me.  We kissed
for a long time.   Our nude bodies pressed together.  Soon, our hands
started to roam around each other.  I cupped her tight her little buns
and massaged her thighs.  She played with my tits, and then leaned down
and sucked on my nipples.

"Fuck, this is hot," said Marjorie.  She adjusted herself so that she
could play with her pussy while she watched us.  Then Monica moved in
behind her, scooching her hips right up against Marjorie's butt, and
reached around to grope Marjorie's tits while they watched together.
Kelly leaned over and kissed Marjorie, before settling down to watch for

I had Teeny on her back now, and was kissing my way down her pale,
perfect body.  I stopped to suck on her nipples, enjoying the very slight
swell and curve of her budding breasts.  "God, sis, you are so sexy."
She giggled a bit at that, and then moaned as I used my teeth to very
gently nip at her nipple.

I kissed over her belly, and down below her waist.  Just as I got near
the top of her vagina, I switched, and started kissing her thighs,
alternating from leg to leg, taking the opportunity to blow gently over
her pussy as I went past it.  She started to squirm, getting antsy and
impatient.  "You want this, don't you?"  I teased.

"Uh huh,"  She moaned.

"You want me to eat your little pussy, don't you?"

"Uh huh."

"Say it," I demanded.

"... I want you...  I want you to... eat me."  She whispered.  I continued
my kissing and massaging as she spoke.

"You want me to eat... what?"  I prompted.

"Eat me... eat my... my pussy."  She started whispering, but her voice
got louder on the last word, and then, louder again, "I want you to eat
my cunt!"

"Who?  Who do you want to eat your cunt?"  I demanded.

"You!  I want you Nicky!  I want..." a small hesitation, and then, "I
want my sister to eat my cunt!"

And I dove in.  I attacked my little sister's cunt.  I licked and sucked
and at that little peach like there was no tomorrow.  Her hips were going
wild, she had both hands tangled in my hair and was thrusting herself up
at me like a bronco.  I sucked her clit.  I stuck my tongue as deep
inside her as I could go.  I squeezed her little butt cheeks and pressed
her pussy into my mouth, hummed a deep note for the vibration and
wriggled my face from side-to-side as fast as I could.

When she came she bucked so hard she almost threw me aside, but I held on
and rode out her orgasm with my lips wrapped around her clit.  When she
finally subsided, I moved up beside her, my face covered in her scent,
and kissed her long and deep.  "Was that good, baby sister?  Did your
big sis do a good job making you cum?"

"Oh, god, Nicky.  That was amazing!  And I'm so happy it was you.  That
you were the first person to... to do that with me.  I love you!"

"I love you too, Teeny," and we kissed.

"Aw, they wuv each other.  Lovey little lezzy sister sluts WUV each
other."  Marjorie is a sarcastic asshole.  We all laughed.  The other
girls had cum pretty hard too, watching us.  As before, we all made out
and played with each other for a bit, but the big events for the evening
were over.  We drifted off to sleep, already imagining the next time.

So here we are at sleepover three, and Teeny is completely naked.
Again.  Seriously it's way too early for this, we haven't even got our
pizza yet...

"Girls!  Pizza's here!"  Shit!  Mom was coming down the stairs.  Teeny
squealed and dove into her sleeping bag, covering up as quick as she
could.  The door opened.

"Here you go girls.  Pizza and soda, and I got you some cookies for
later."  Mom hesitated.  "Teeny?  Are you already in bed?"

"Um, I just felt a little bit cold, Mommy, so I covered up."  Mommy?  I
thought.  She hasn't called her Mommy since she was eight... but the cold
thing was quick thinking.

"Oh, baby, you're not sick are you?  Here, let me feel..."  Oh god, Mom
was going to do the feeling-the-forehead thing that Moms do when their
kid is sick.  If she noticed that Teeny's fucking naked...

But it was all good.  Mom declared no fever, told Teeny she probably just
needed to eat something, and left us alone.  Whew.

After that, we couldn't wait to finish our food and get to the point of
the evening.  That night, I went down on Monica.  It was still only Teeny
and I that ate any pussy, but having tried hers, I couldn't wait to try
more.  Monica's wasn't like Teeny's, it had a different taste, almost
savoury, but it was still fantastic.  I stayed down there a long time and
I think she had two orgasms.

Teeny ate everyone that night, me included.  We played a silly game,
where she knelt in the middle of the room with her eyes closed, and we'd
guide her to eat our pussies and make her guess who was who.  She knew
mine, Monica's and Marjorie's - probably because of all that hair - but
she mixed up LuLu and Kelly.  She said it wasn't fair because she should
have been allowed to feel our tits, too.  Fair point.

Once again, we lazed around, naked and fondling, and talked about our
favourite things about sex.  We started talking, for the first time,
about whether or not were all lesbians.

"I still want to try a guy.  You know, a dick.  I want to try that,"
offered Marjorie.

"Me too," said Kelly.  "And I do want get married and have kids one

"You can marry a woman these days, and adopt a kid.  Or find a sperm
donor, or whatever."  Monica looked she was thinking along those exact
lines for herself.

"I can't be a lesbian," said LuLu.  "My parents would kill me.  But
god... pussy is so great."

"Yes it is," I said.  "And we've got the world's greatest pussy
licker right here!"  I laughed as I spoke and leaned over to kiss my

"Oh really?"  My stomach lurched.  Everyone fell silent.  That voice
had come from the stairwell, where the lights were off.  But I didn't
need to see the speaker to know who it was.

Mom stepped forward, into the light of the room, and my jaw dropped.  All
of us were completely stunned, not only at being totally busted, but at
the fact that my Mom was wearing an incredibly sexy set of fishnet
stockings held up with a garter belt... and nothing else.  She was
basically naked, and we could all see her curvy hips, her beautiful, huge
tits, even bigger than Kelly's, and her neatly trimmed pussy.  "If
she's really the world's greatest pussy licker, she needs to prove it...
to me."
The Reading Room / I only had one friend, named Laura.
« Last post by Sandra on April 14, 2021, 05:51:29 PM »
      I was 13-years-old and 130 Lbs.  I was chunky
and it made me feel insecure, and I wanted love even
more 5' 2" blond headed Caucasian.   I was from
southern Texas.

       I only had one friend, named Laura.  One day on
the school bus, she whispered in my ear... "Do you
want to come home with me after school, and I will
show you how to be nasty?"

      I said, "Yes. Please!"

      I had many different sexual feelings and desires
but the only way I could express them at that time
was to get on top of my big stuffed 'Teddy Bear' and
I rubbed my clit back and forth on the furry body
of my favorite stuffed toy.  I would cum really hard,
but I had never had sex with anyone else.  So, that
was why I said yes to Laura's invitation and the next
day was Friday.  I asked my mother's permission to
spend the night with my friend Laura.

      The next day Laura and I got off the school bus
at her stop.  She introduced me to her father and
told me that her mother had died of lung cancer a
couple of years ago.  When it was dinner time her
father placed a setting for me to join them for
dinner.  It was just her dad living with the four kids,
and he was a coach for the local high school football
team.  After the meal, Laura volunteered the two of
us to wash the dishes and clean up.  Her father
thanked us and went to the family room to read the
paper.  As soon as we finished cleaning up, Laura
said, "We should take a bath and get that out of the

      "Oh yeah!"

      The two of us went into the bathroom and we
were both very shy even though her bold statement
about showing me how to be nasty.  I didn't have any
idea, but my pussy was so wet!!

      She started a bath for us and when it was full,
she told me to take my clothes off.  I would have
done anything she asked of me at that point.  I took
my clothes off and climbed into the tub.  I watched
her while she took her clothes off.  She was a little
chubby as well, but she was hot as hell!  She climbed
into the tub behind me and told me she wanted to
wash me.

      OH, MY GAWD!  She got the soap and reached
around mt body to start rubbing my tittles with her
soapy hands, my boobs were around a 36-C.  She
washed them and I could feel the tingle right down
to my pussy.  I was so sexually stimulated that every
fiber of my body was tingling.  I had never been
touched by another person like that and it was so
excitingly hot.  Then she moved her right hand down
my body to find my pussy under the water.  My
response was unbelievable.

      I was grinding my pussy against her hand and I
couldn't get enough.  It didn't take me long to have a
wonderful orgasm!!!  It was so intense that I didn't
even think about returning the favor!

      We got out of the bath and got dressed before
she told me to go with her into her parent's room.
She had found her father's stash of pornography
magazines, and once again my pussy responded
quickly.  It showed little girls and boys and their
daddies naked playing with each other.  I had never
seen pics like them and it really excited me!  We
decided to go to her bedroom because her daddy
would soon be going to bed himself.

      I learned that Laura shared a room with her
older sister Judy.  Judy had the top bunk.  Laura
had the lower bunk.

      Laura told me to undress but Judy was looking at
me and the idea of taking off my clothes in front of
her older sister was embarrassing for me!

      Judy told me, "Just close your eyes while you
take your clothes off and she wouldn't look at you
getting naked!"

      I was foolish enough to follow her instructions
and too naive to recognize the stupidity of the

      As soon as I was naked, I climbed into the
bottom bunk with my Laura and started kissing her
on the lips.  Open mouth deep strong adult kind of
kisses.  I was so stimulated at that point that I
didn't even think about being shy.

      We kissed and we put our hands on each other's
titties and felt them long enough to feel the nipples
getting hard.  Laura was the first one to run her
hand down my body to my pussy!  I started to moan
and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!!  At
that point, I started rubbing her clit and she was
moaning so hard that her sister told us, "Keep the
noise down before Daddy comes in to see what's
going on!"

      Judy climbed off the top bunk to watch what we
were doing!  Having an audience seemed to make
everything even more erotic.

I played with her clit and got so hot all I wanted to
do was touch her.  At that point, we positioned our
clits together and rubbed our clits together until
both of us came!

      Oh, my Gawd.  I had never experienced this kind
of orgasm before.  Masturbation had never produced
that strong of an orgasm.  I am married now but I
would love to put my clit on anoth
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